Welcome to my blog The Paperdawl Dossier! You are currently experiencing an exciting moment for me and hopefully it is as amusing for you too!  For those of you who are just getting hip to "thepaperdawldossier", this is a blog about all things fashion and how to develop ones style.  Fashion covers many things and is not limited to clothing and accessories alone. So look out for some pretty cool entries.  With that being said, lets get to my first ensemble!!
I fell head over heels in love with this DELPOZO leather pleated hip wrap skirt. Wearing bright colors during the fall surely brings a little sunshine to your day. The skirt is topped with a long sleeve crop top by riverisland.com, and jewelry (tassle necklace and earrings) by Ben-Amun. Pairing bright colors with rich caramels and soothing cognacs is ideal to still keep you season conscious without having to conform completely to the dark side. These Anthropologie boots do just the thing as well as create some texture (I love me some texture).  I then added the Lizzie Fortunato Safari clutch to marry the colors in my ensemble.  Last but not least, an orchard gem watch by rumbatime (which I totally want for christmas...but thats some time from now).

Thanks again for stopping by! Feel free to leave comments or questions! Remember to come back frequently for your fashion dose and you can follow me on instagram @suchadawl and Facebook (like my fan page!).

The Paperdawl Dossier


Brittaney Jackson
09/27/2013 8:35am

I love this ! So proud of you! This is very inspiring ! I am definitely a follower and look forward to more amazing innovative ideas !

Tuesday Ebb
09/27/2013 3:08pm

I absolutely love your new site! I am very impressed. The ensemble that you have put together is truly beautiful. I am so happy that you are finally sharing your talents with the world. So very proud of you. I wish you so much success... I really love those boots!!!

09/30/2013 12:49pm

I love everything on this website! I'm so excited about what you are doing, I'm looking forward to seeing more. Way to rock it! Whoop, Whoop!


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