This past week I had the ultimate delight of visiting my ALL time FAVORITE boutique ever after a tough week of finals, Patricia Field!!! I had to make a Paperdawl for you lovelies and share the awesome pairs of Irregular Choice shoes I scooped for less than $21 a piece. You may recognize the Momma wedges from my previous posts so imagine how elated I was to finally make them ALL mine.  If you are in the area you should definitely give her boutique a visit.  She always has something special nestled in her store full of fantazmic pieces.
The first pair I purchased are a boucle platform heel with cute little pompoms sprinkled all over. I dazzled this dawl up with some other items I totally adore that you can find in the Pat Field shop in NYC and her online shop. Latex Muir cap, strawberry ice cream cone earrings, Hippie circle shades, Nomad Hippie high waisted shorts,  Neon Indian jammy pack, and KRUSH89 "I Woke Up Like This" sweatshirt. I just can't wait to wear these unique little duds down the busy streets of Manhattan.
The second pair I purchased were the Momma wedges in black. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the price after knowing these babies were previously a whopping $190+. This dawl is fitted in a Blue unisex Monster Hoodie, Belted Dom skirt, Leopard elbow gloves, JOYRICH silver graffiti bag, Coco Pearl double clip on earrings, and a pair of purple clear bar sunnies.
Last but not least, the pair that started it all, which are the metallic green  snakeskin Momma wedges. Yes, I purchased two of the same style. That's how much I love them. I wrapped this dawl up in cutout metal shades, a stag beetle necklace, KIRA KIRA bezazzled snapback, STUDmuffin NYC studded designer bag and daisy dukes, and a Frida Chola dress.

Trust me if you love fashion mixed with a whole lot of fun you will love this place. If you cant make it in by foot you can shop online at! Go check it out!!!

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